Pirates of Tezomea

Welcome to the land of Tezomea.

Pirates of Tezomea is a serial adventure brought to you by Doug and Neesa Chapman.

Pirates of Tezomea Episode 1: The Abduction of Callie

In this first adventure of Pirates of Tezomea actress/understudy Callie Winters is mistaken for lead actress Veronica Silversong. She is abducted by a band of pirate revolutionaries and taken to their airship.

Pirates of Tezomea Episode 2: Of Bats and Booms

In this second episode of Pirates of Tezomea the pirates are pinned down in a damaged airship. Their chance for escape relies on Callie Winters and the ferocious first mate Yara.

Pirates of Tezomea Episode 3: Binding The Diva

In episode 3 of Pirates of Tezomea, actress Veronica Silversong gets her comeuppance. The pirates have hatched a plot to impersonate the Diva using young Callie.

Pirates of Tezomea Episode 4: Machines, Magic, and Mayhem

In episode 4 of Pirates of Tezomea we travel to the far north. Kynthia, one of the bear people of the frozen wastes, has encountered a mystery. Can Lazarus Aberskonce, “world famous tinker”, help her solve it.

Pirates of Tezomea Episode 5: The Boozinator

In episode 5 of Pirates of Tezomea wandering Bearkind Shaman Kynthia and World Famous Tinker Lazarus Abberskonce are not lost in the frozen wastes, honest. Even if the trail has gone cold, the dowsing device is still pointing them onward. What awaits them in places that even the bears refuse to travel?

Pirates of Tezomea Episode 6: Sexy Mad Science

Lazarus and Kynthia aren’t the only ones to discover a castle in the middle of the wilderness. Romance author and explorer Danni was sent an invitation she couldn’t refuse. Will this be just a boring reunion between old school chums, or is there a nefarious plot afoot?

Pirates of Tezomea Episode 7: Night Hare Nightmare

When Callie and Yara head off into an unknown forest to retrieve the ship’s lost engine they find more than they bargained for. There’s one thing in Tezomea that can reduce Yara into a whimpering puddle. It has a tiny twitching nose, long floppy ears, and a cute fluffy tail. It could also leave entire villages decimated in its wake.

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